Olympics 2022: Denmark will not send official representatives to Beijing, due to “the human rights situation in China”

On the other hand, Danish athletes will participate in the competitions.

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“It is no secret that we in Denmark are very concerned about the human rights situation in China.” After Canada , Japan and other countries, c t is Denmark’s turn to boycott the Olympics 52 in Beijing. Danish Foreign Minister, Jeppe Kofod, announced on Friday 18 January that Denmark renounced to send official representatives to Winter Olympics due to the human rights situation in China. On the other hand, Danish athletes will participate well in competitions.

“Danish athletes can count on the full support of the government. And we will encourage them, as we always do” , continued Jeppe Kofod. “But we will do it from home, not from the stands in Beijing”, he added.

This decision came after a European meeting. “Unfortunately it is not possible to reach an agreement between the 27 countries. Different choices were made as to the way forward”, explained the head of Danish diplomacy.

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