Olympia in Tokyo: Australians riot in the Olympic Village and dismantle their beds in the room

The Australian rugby and soccer players rioted in the Olympic Village before leaving Tokyo. In addition, the athletes are said to have misbehaved in the plane on the return flight to Australia. The athletic management of the “Aussies” is shocked.

The frustration was deep. After the departure of the Australian rugby team in the Olympic quarter-finals against Fiji and the failure of the footballers in the group stage, some players vented their anger.

First, the Australians rioted in the Olympic Village and destroyed the beds in their rooms. After that, some athletes on the return flight on 30. July “unacceptable” behavior, announced the National Olympic Committee of Australia (AOC).

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Australian athletes riot in the Olympic village – Sports director Carroll: “That is extremely disappointing” “This is extremely disappointing, but both the rugby and football departments have told me that such behavior is certainly not acceptable in their sport and have credibly apologized to the Australian Olympic team,” said AOC Secretary General Matt Carroll.

“Some young people have made a mistake,” said Australia’s chief de mission, Ian Chesterman. Because the athletes have apologized, there will be no disciplinary action.

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