Olivier Véran pleads for the implementation of the health pass in companies

On France Inter, the Minister of Health considers that this question is legitimate and calls on parliamentarians to take it up.

Slow down at all costs the rise of the 5th wave and of the Omicron variant, this is the government’s objective with the implementation in January of the vaccine pass which will not be activated only with a complete vaccination schedule and no longer with a simple negative test.

But Olivier Véran intends to go further. During the parliamentary debate which will take place next January on the implementation of this vaccine pass, the Minister of Health calls on deputies and senators “to think about possible reinforcements”, he said on Saturday on France Inter .

“We cannot prevent people from going to work if they are not vaccinated but … “

And to propose to” transform the health pass into a vaccination pass in trains and planes and to ask the question of ‘a health pass to go to work “.

” It is a legitimate question that is ‘elsewhere applied to some of our neighbors, the Germans have the famous 2G pass and the 3G pass. We cannot prevent people from going to work if they are not vaccinated but we can require them to take a test if they are not vaccinated. This is one of the questions that must be asked “, insists Olivier Véran. Let’s remember that since the end of August , employees but also volunteers or subcontractors who work in establishments where the pass is requested from customers must also have the precious sesame to work with. All in all, this mainly concerns bars and restaurants, cinemas, museums and even amusement parks.

Olivier Chicheportiche BFM Business Journalist

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