OL: Arbitration à la Lyonnaise, he cries scandal

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Posted Thursday 23 December 2021 at 15: 00 In: OL

By Corentin Facy

Wednesday evening, Metz won the point of the draw against OL (1-1) on the last day of the year 2022.

On paper, a draw on the lawn of a big league 1 like Olympique Lyonnais
is a good operation for FC Metz. But in view of the match, Lorraine coach Frédéric Antonetti is finally disappointed to only leave Lyon with one point. In a press conference, the former coach of Nice and Rennes was also looping on arbitration. In question, the goal refused to Opa Nguette from the first minute of play for an offside while the Lyon defender Damien Da Silva seemed to slightly cover. “I had not seen the image, and there I saw it again. It’s catastrophic ” got upset Frédéric Antonetti at a press conference after the draw between OL and Metz before continue.

The summary of OL – FC Metz (1-1) 🎥🔴🔵 # OLFCM

– Olympique Lyonnais (@OL) December 20, 1920 “The referee said he was confident in the tools. But the tools are used by men, and I don’t trust men. Lyon is the place where I have been robbed the most in my career in 23 years in football. I have the balls because that makes several facts of play this season. I’m not talking to you if it had on the other side … We would have talked about it for a week. It’s not fair ” railed Frédéric Antonetti, in a cold and contained anger after the draw of Metz on the lawn of the Groupama Stadium in Lyon. Coach Metz also took advantage of the microphones to discuss the CAN, which will remove many players from FC Metz in January.

“Everything is rigged, the CAN, the VAR …”

“CAN takes us seven to eight players. It’s enormous. It is a rigged, distorted game. How can we have international competitions during national competitions? It is not possible. I have nothing against CAN which is a very good competition. But you can’t remove that many players from a team. And we are not the only ones… When we formed our squad, the CAN was to be played in June and we changed the rules. When I say it’s rigged. Everything is rigged in football. I will have 61 years, I have free speech. It’s a shame because everything is distorted and rigged and the CAN is part of it, the VAR is part of it too ” a s ‘is annoyed Frédéric Antonetti, who had after all and everyone after what he considers to be an injustice in Lyon.

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