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of the rechargeable hybrid while waiting for a 100% electric version

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Peugeot has just unveiled a curiosity. His 408 is halfway between a sedan and a coupe SUV. But this choice of originality could well pay off.

We are in 2022 AD. The entire automotive market is occupied by SUVs. All ? Nope ! Because some irreducible manufacturers still and always resist the crossover. With a few nuances, this is how Peugeot unveiled its new nugget: the 408. Too high to be qualified as a sedan, not enough to reach SUV standards, aesthetically this 408 travels between two waters. However, it manages to impose its own identity thanks to a style that combines front end from the new 308 and flowing lines fast back in back. As for the optics, fans of the brand can be reassured, the crocs at the front are still in the game and are this time associated with Matrix LEDs (optional).

Inside, on the other hand, there are only a few new features since it is an identical reproduction of the dashboard of the last 308. However, Peugeot’s modernity in this area still allows him to be in the game both aesthetically and from a technological point of view. Indeed, the iCockpit 3D so appreciated by users of the brand is part of a very sporty oriented cabin.

A 100% electric version expected for 2024

Its great revolution, the 408 makes it on the engine. More than a symbol, the brand’s choice to dispense with a diesel engine is a sign that Peugeot has really begun its transition. The manufacturer intends to be in the nails of the European directive which will prohibit the marketing of thermal vehicles in Europe from 2035. Consequently, the Lion brand will first bet on its “Puretech” rechargeable hybrid technology with two engines of 180 and 225 c. Their 12.4 kWh battery and their permanent magnet synchronous electric motor will give them a range of around fifty kilometers and a maximum torque of 250 Nm respectively.


But of course, the one we will be watching with more attention is the 100% electric version of the 408, which will only be on the market in two years. Peugeot resumes here the strategy interviewed during the launch of the 308, that is to say occupy the ground with a new bodywork before moving on to future engines.

Produced in the Mulhouse factories, the 408 could hit the road early next year. Orders will open this fall. As for the price, Peugeot has not yet communicated it.

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