Ocean Viking landed in Pozzallo with 555 migrants, three pregnant women on board

The Ocean Viking ship arrived at the port of Pozzallo, which between 31 July and 1 August rescued 555 migrants in six interventions sar. There are currently 549 people on board (6 were evacuated with emergency medical procedures). The ship waited six days for the assignment of the safe place “place of safety” after having forwarded requests to the coordination centers for sea rescue in Malta, Tunisia, Libya and Italy and only yesterday morning the situation was unblocked. From 31 July to 1 August the Sos Mediterranee team operating on the NGO ship rescued 111 people who were on board two rubber boats and then the other migrants from overloaded wooden boats with a high risk of shipwreck.

On board there were respectively 253; 106; 64 and 21 people with hulls already flooded with water and fuel. Once the maneuvers are completed, the Usmaf team – maritime health – coordinated by the doctor Vincenzo Morello will board. Then the anti Covid swabs will be carried out – 19 by the ASP whose team is coordinated by the doctor Angelo Gugliotta. The migrants will be identified in the Pozzallo hot spot and subsequently transferred to the quarantine ship Gnv Azzurra already waiting on the quay. On Ocean Viking there are 502 men (107 are minors) and 47 women (11 minors) of which 17 are alone and three are pregnant. They come from 21 different countries. The most numerous come from Bangladesh (107), then Egypt (72), Mali (54), Morocco (50) and Eritrea (49).

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