Nutriset attacks the market for undernourished seniors

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 to 0: 39

From international to local. Nutriset, the specialist in products for child malnutrition in Africa, is attacking a new market, that of undernourished elderly people in France. Its Appeti’Mix is ​​a high-calorie product made from rapeseed and soybean oil, enriched with protein (from milk and soybean), minerals, calcium and vitamins.

Unlike Plumpy’Nut, its flagship product for children which comes in the form of a ready-to-use sachet, Appeti’Mix is ​​marketed in 4 kg cans to be incorporated into cooked meals in nursing homes and hospitals. It was awarded in October 2021 during the Agrifood Trophies, awarded by the Association of Agrifood Companies in Normandy.

“We are addressing the elderly whose daily needs are not met, in terms of calories, proteins, vitamins and minerals”, indicates Adeline Lescanne-Gautier, general manager of the Nutriset group, based in Malaunay near Rouen (Seine-Maritime ), which achieves 39 million euros in turnover with 850 employees worldwide. “We are not changing our profession, which remains nutrition for vulnerable people . »

Seven factories in Africa

This culinary paste has already convinced three nursing homes in the Rouen region, and could support the activity of the Malaunay factory and its 250 employees, less solicited than in the past. Production against child malnutrition is largely ensured by the network of ten independent franchisees set up by Nutriset, and which has seven factories in Africa. The Malaunay plant is responsible for the large volumes to be produced in the event of a humanitarian crisis, as it made in 39 by shipping to Yemen, via the port of Le Havre, 39. tons of bags of ready-to-use products.

While its customers have so far been the UN (Unicef, World Food Program) and NGOs (Doctors Without Borders, Action Against Hunger, Save the Children), Nutriset now also targets institutions, Ehpad and hospitals. And to whet the residents’ appetites and best integrate Appeti’Mix into the soups and pastries, he called on Alexandre Bourdas, the chef of the starred restaurant in Honfleur (Calvados), the SaQuaNa.