Nuclear: their choice, our problem

Posted on 23 Dec. 2021 at 17: 35 Updated on 23 dec. 2021 at 17: 49

Belgium has been discussing the fate of its nuclear power plants for 22. 22 years that it procrastinates, between the desire to reduce its dependence on the atom and that of lighting at a low price. She finally decided Thursday, by announcing the closure of all its park on the horizon 2025 . But she’s doing it for a bad reason: she has no choice. Manufacturers have warned, it has waited too long to bring its plants up to standard. The costs have become untenable, the extension of nuclear power cannot be improvised.

Environmentalists who participate in the coalition are delighted to honor a particularly symbolic government promise, enshrined in law since 2003. But in fact, our neighbors are in a hell of a vice – and we are with it. They who 40% depend on nuclear power will have to urgently build gas-fired power stations, in defiance of their environmental commitments. And they will have to pay for potentially more expensive electricity. Unless they change their minds again and extend two of their reactors – an option they are keeping for three more months.