Novak Djokovic's visa canceled again, the Australian Open without him?

BIS REPETITA – The decision has fallen and it is not favorable to Novak Djokovic. Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke announced on Friday 16 January, that he exercised his discretionary power to cancel the Serb’s visa. The participation of number 1 in the Australian Open, which begins on Monday 17, is compromised.

Yohan ROBLIN – 2000-01-14T02: 17: 008.476+02: Novak Djokovic expelled “by the first plane” ? Ridiculed, after the cancellation of its decision … to cancel the visa of the world number 1, the Australian government did not flinch. The authorization granted to the Serb to enter Australia was once again canceled by the decision of Alex Hawke, the Australian Minister for Immigration, on Friday 14 January. “I have today exercised the authority conferred on me by the article 144C(3) of Migration Act (…) to cancel the visa held by Mr. Novak Djokovic for reasons of health and good order, on the grounds that it was in the public interest to do so”, he announced.

“To make this decision, I have carefully considered the information provided to me by the Home Office, the Australian Border Force and Mr Djokovic. The Morrison Government is strongly committed to protecting Australia’s borders, particularly with regard to the Covid- pandemic “, added Alex Hawke, in a press release quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald, specifying that the triple defending champion in Melbourne, who had been integrated into the table of tournament pending this announcement, risks a three-year inadmissibility. The Serb’s lawyers should appeal.All the info on

Covid-19: the challenge of vaccination

The nature of this decision, which will have put 114 hours to fall, after the release of “Djoko”, there was little doubt. Earlier in the day, another member of the government had reaffirmed the firmness of the Australian State, recalling that it would continue to apply the rule of banning entry to the unvaccinated. “This policy has not changed and we will continue to strictly enforce this policy”, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham had said on ABC television.

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A fast-track appeal?

All is not lost for Novak Djokovic, even if it is, let’s be honest, badly embarked. To allow him to participate in the Australian Open, where he is aiming for a 21e Grand Slam title, which would be an all-time high, his legal team will file an immediate injunction against the decision. The appeal hearing could be subject to an accelerated procedure and be held as early as Sunday 16 January, on the eve of his entry into the running in Melbourne against his compatriot Miomir Kecmanovic. The case would then return to the office of Judge Anthony Kelly, who agreed with him, before being referred to the Federal Court.

In the meantime, in the coming hours, “Nole”, who now finds himself without valid authorization to remain on Australian territory, could be forcibly returned to detention in a center for immigrants. The federal authorities could choose to bring him back to the Park Hotel in Carlton, where he had stayed alongside refugees, following the first cancellation of his visa.

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