Novak Djokovic knocked out by live journalists

Thinking of themselves off the air, Mike Amor and Rebecca Maddern, two journalists from Channel 7 in Australia, started discussing the tennis player about his current situation, as reported on Huffpost. As a reminder, Novak Djokovic, not vaccinated,

was returned to administrative detention this Saturday 15 January 2022 in Melbourne, after the cancellation of his visa for the second times by the Australian government.

“He’s an asshole”

“Whatever angle you look at this story, Djokovic is a fucking liar sneaky” laughs the journalist. ” It’s an asshole “, adds the presenter at his side. Their exchange lasts a few seconds before they dwell on the government and the authorities in charge of the file. Following the broadcast of these images, neither of the two journalists spoke directly.

On the other hand, Channel 7 for its part launched an investigation to find where this sequence had leaked from, specifies the site
The Advertiser.The boss of the channel also defended the two journalists, believing that they had every right to have a private conversation. This did not prevent, still according to the director of Channel 7, Rebecca Maddern from apologizing.

A video that makes the web react

Published on social networks, This video got a lot of reactions. Internet users seem to agree with the two journalists, they were then able to express their support. “I couldn’t agree more! Hope these people don’t have too much trouble saying what most of us think”, expressed a user on Twitter. Another user could not restrain himself to express what he thinks about the subject of the tennis player . “I can’t say how much I love these two presenters from Melbourne, Novak Djokovic is indeed a sneaky and lying jerk”, he said always declared on Twitter.

“Whatever way you want to look at it, he’s been a sneaky lying asshole” 😂👏🏽 Could not agree more! I hope these guys don’t get in too much trouble for saying what most of us are thinking #DjokovicOut

— Anna the vaccinated Banana (@annanotherthng) January 12, 2022I cannot say how much I love these two Melbourne news anchors, this is legit EVERY conversation that I’ve heard around me in the past few days.

Novak Djokovic is indeed, a “lying sneaky asshole.” #Djokovic#AustralianOpen

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