North: What is the relationship between the gendarmes, the Covid and a dog licking its anus?

The gendarmes of the North, the coronavirus epidemic a dog doing his personal hygiene are three things which, a priori, have no reason to be associated. Yet it is and the logic is relentless.

It’s a surprising combo that is not a charade. And if, of course, this incredible association is based on humor, the message delivered is all that is serious. Thus, last Thursday, the northern gendarmerie posted on its Facebook page a video that had been suggested to them by the adolescents involved in Operation Carado , a system for preventing gender-based violence. The short film, about thirty seconds, is an advertisement for Mondou, a Quebec brand of accessories for pets.

Barrier gestures do not only protect from Covid – 19

Featured by Culture Pub, the ad shows a dog cleaning its parts before leaping up to lick the faces of his mistress’s friends who have come to dinner. Horrified, the latter therefore declines the traditional kiss to prefer the elbow check on the pretext of promoting barrier gestures against the coronavirus epidemic. Hygiene has many virtues.

“So as not to miss anything in the face of the risk of a pandemic linked to Covid – 19, the young volunteers of the Carado manage to unearth some pearls on social networks to recall the importance of barrier gestures ”, congratulate the gendarmes after sharing the publication.