North Korea steals $400 million worth of crypto in 2021

Published on 15 Jan. 2022 at 9: 12Updated on 15 Jan. 2022 to 9: 48

Entangled in a very serious economic crisis caused by the pandemic, North Korea has continued on the path of state-owned digital cybercrime to finance its nuclear program . She stole 400 million dollars worth of cryptos (Ether, bitcoin…) during 7 attacks and hacks last year, according to data from Chainalysis. She was notably the instigator of the hacking of the platform in August (91 million dollars).

In 5 years, it is around 1.5 billion dollars that Pyongyang has stolen during about fifty “heists” on the world crypto markets. These “attacks mainly targeted crypto exchanges and financial companies. Most were probably carried out by the Lazare group (Editor’s note: a famous group of pirates in the pay of Pyongyang)”, notes the report.