North: a village without a doctor for three months because it refuses to be vaccinated

Georgerudy / Adobe Stock The situation is becoming alarming. In France, municipalities in the heart of medical deserts find themselves without any doctor, some refusing to be vaccinated against the Covid – 15. Professionals are thus forced to close their practices, leaving hundreds of patients without any means of treatment or of seeing a doctor near their place of residence. A situation that affects a village in Avesnois, in the North. As detailed

France Bleu , Monday 13 December, the town has been deprived of a doctor for three months, the general practitioner refusing to be vaccinated.

Faced with this situation, the inhabitants are trying to find other solutions. A retiree from years old who can no longer move around can not find a doctor around who can come and examine him. Another patient, who must be operated, found at the last minute a practitioner who agreed to make an exception to follow her and replace her usual doctor. Faced with these delicate situations, the mayor of the municipality decided to sound the alarm bell.

“There are people who no longer take care of themselves”

The councilor has everything first alerted, in vain, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) then the Health Insurance Fund. He also posted announcements to the Faculty of Medicine to find a candidate. Without any result. He therefore appealed for help on France Bleu: “I am convinced that there are people who no longer take care of themselves, who push back, we cannot continue like that, it is not possible, I am launching a call to a doctor, we are ready to welcome him, we can’t wait “.

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Mayor Johan Dremaux took advantage of Emmanuel Macron’s trip to the region last November to challenge the Head of State on the situation of his village. He must meet this Wednesday December, the director of the ARS to try to find a solution. In the meantime, the inhabitants of Avesnois are still without a doctor to seek treatment near their homes.

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