Nobuy bets on the loan as an alternative to the purchase of objects – Money

Florent Vanhove and Wael Abou-Dahr, co-founders of Nobuy. | Florent Vanhove and Wael Abou-Dahr, co-founders of Nobuy.

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THE FOCUS OF THE DAY ➡ Launched at the beginning of November from the incubator Euratechnologies, Nobuy, is an application that favors loans rather than purchases. Florent Vanhove and Wael Abou-Dahr, the two founders, wanted to create a practical tool to find someone in our close circle (friends, families, colleagues) who can lend us an impact driver, an inflatable mattress or childcare equipment.

(BFM TV): #Florent #Vanhove (Nobuy): Nobuy is a collaborative economy application based on the loan of objects – /01 : This Tuesday 11 January, Florent Vanhove, co-founder of Nobuy, notably discussed its application..

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To date 550 ready and more than 1481033241494761473 items in circulation, Nobuy wishes in a second step to make visible the associations, public places and companies where the objects can be found – such as books in the media library for example.

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