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“No respect for life”

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Alessia Pifferi, the 37-year-old in prison accused of leaving her 16-month-old daughter to die of hardship in her apartment in Milan, “put forward the possibility of maintaining a relationship with her partner even at the cost of inflicting enormous suffering, come up ” to cause the death of his daughter. This is what we read in the order signed by the investigating judge Fabrizio Filici, with which the judge for preliminary investigations today ordered the precautionary measure of prison against the woman.

“I was counting on the possibility of having a future with my partner” and “in fact it was just what I was trying to understand in those days: this is why I thought it crucial not to interrupt those days when I was with him even when I was afraid that little girl could feel very ill or die “, said Pifferi herself in the interrogation of the hearing to validate the arrest for the murder of her daughter Diana of almost a year and a half who abandoned for six days in her home in Milan in the neighborhood popular of Ponte Lambro.

The investigating judge underlined how the woman foresaw “exactly the more than concrete possibility” that her daughter was dead or dying “and weighs it, however, in a mental process that she returned in a very transparent way with her statements, with the fear of introducing a new and significantly more serious element of tension with the partner, perhaps such as to forever compromise that precarious balance that both were seeking, and also with the fear and pride of not asking for help from his sister Viviana “, who she could have gone to her apartment to help her niece at any time. According to the judge, the woman considered “highly probable, if not certain, the death of the child” and “while not pursuing it as her final goal alternatively” she wanted it.

“Beyond the third day that the child was alone, I was not calm – said Pifferi to the investigating judge yesterday – but perhaps my tiredness prevailed that I carried inside, because I am a single mother, no one helped me and it was a lot heavy”. When she returned to Milan last Monday for a work appointment with her partner, she thought, according to her version, “to use this passage in Milan to pick up the child”, who was alone at home since July 14, but after having had “a discussion” with him “I did not”. And she said again: “Being a single mother is difficult and lately I was very tired”.

The woman explained that she supported herself with “the help of my mother who sent me some money every month” and then that she had “activated the bonuses I could have been entitled to for the child”. And she reported many details about her relationship with her partner, which ended in January and resumed in June. She said she dated two other men in those months but for the investigating judge she is “an unbalanced personality, prone to mystification and exploitation of affections” and “marked by a total lack of respect for human life ”.