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“No more reality”. Then he talks about the drug problems

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Few have appreciated Jeremias Roridriguez during the last edition of the Island of the Famous. And he himself struggled to make himself understood. Reason why the Argentine model (famous for being the brother of the most famous showgirl Belen Rodriguez) decides to leave TV. And to devote himself to love for Deborah Togni, the woman thanks to whom he managed to re-emerge from the last difficult years also linked to drug problems.

A farewell to TV, his, which arrives in the studio of very true. “This was the third and last reality show, I’m really sure – said to Silvia Toffanin Jeremias, who has two experiences behind her at theIsland of the Famous and one to Big Brother Vip – I agreed not to be cut out for this job. Because in the end it is a job like any other and you have to be brought to it and I am not and I understood it. I am not part of this, I leave the stage to Belen and Cecilia, but it has always been them I did not want to steal anything “.

But why, if he doesn’t love this world, did he experience reality TV? “Any guy in my position would have done it – he continued – Then I had nothing better to do in that period. Who wouldn’t have tried to be a bricklayer at a bricklayer? Let’s say I tried and that’s okay so I don’t regret nothing”.

Toffanin, who asks him more about this period, goes precisely to the merit of the last few years. The reference to drugs is understood. “After the last island – he confided – I disappeared for two years to fix the problems I had, I had the courage to do it. Now that I have fixed them I am no longer afraid of ‘sinning’ more clearly than this I cannot say” . Three long and difficult years from which he has risen also thanks to Deborah, precisely: “Deborah was my salvation and for that too I managed to get better. She made me understand that I didn’t have to change to please her. more beautiful than a human being who accepts you even when you suck “. And now they are ready to enjoy their love away from the cameras.