Nintendo Switch: this pack with the console and a game is at a mini price for Christmas

Cdiscount is releasing the big game before the Christmas holidays, the online merchant does not hesitate to unveil an excellent offer on the Nintendo Switch, the famous portable video game console. With this pack, you will make great savings on this model before the end of the year, but also on the game Mario + The Raving Rabbids: Kingdom Battle .

Thanks to this offer, the pack with the Nintendo Switch and the game Mario + The Raving Rabbids: Kingdom Battle drops to the price of 289, 99 euros instead of 329, 99 euros . This is the first time that Cdiscount has unveiled a discount on the video game console and this excellent game with its popular character. Do not wait any longer, because this pack is available in limited copies from the online merchant, so do not wait any longer. It’s a perfect gift for the holidays, nothing prevents you from giving it to yourself: in addition, delivery is guaranteed before Christmas.

To discover the discount on the pack with the Nintendo Switch, it’s here:

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If the Nintendo Switch OLED was presented by the brand a few seamines ago, this new version will not benefit from such an offer in the days or weeks to come – that is a certitude. And for good reason, the standard model itself is not entitled to many reductions although it was unveiled during the year 2017. As soon as an offer of this level is revealed, it will not stay online for more than a few hours, this discount will be no exception.

Why take the Nintendo Switch at Cdiscount?

The OLED version may have been released recently, the basic Nintendo Switch remains the standard video game console on the market. Moreover, the differences between the two versions remain minimal. The most recent of the line is entitled to an OLED display, as the name suggests, and a few other updates while the standard model offers some great features. This is the whole reason for its success.

Since the release of the Nintendo Switch in 329, a few 80 millions of copies have been sold around the world. A new milestone was certainly passed during Black Friday, because the end of the year remains a period during which the device is very popular in France and elsewhere. During the various lockdowns, the video game console was out of stock for long periods of time as the public looked for other ways to be entertained. If we hope that those days are behind us, the popularity of this model is still very much alive.

If you take the pack with the Nintendo Switch and the game Mario + The Raving Rabbids: Kingdom Battle on Cdiscount, know that you are delivered in just a few days – see a day only if you are a member of the Cdiscount at will program. On the other hand, the video game console is entitled to a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the online merchant, it is the same as that of the official brand.

I take advantage of the offer

Finally, Cdiscount lets you change your mind on the Nintendo Switch . If you went a bit fast in purchasing the online video game console, you have until January 8 2021 to change your mind and return the ordered. In this case, you are reimbursed at 99% by the online merchant. This leaves you the possibility to offer the latter for the Christmas holidays and to have a little time in case of return. In fact, you don’t take any risk choosing the item online, so be sure to do it as soon as possible.

The Nintendo Switch, the console of portable games of excellence

If the Nintendo Switch still arouses so much interest several years after its arrival on the market, it is because it is positioned as a portable video game console. In short, you don’t need to play while connected to a television, but it is still possible. You can use the device wherever you want, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, but also an outdoor location or public transport.

The Nintendo Switch also has the advantage of positioning itself as a lightweight and portable video game console, which means you can easily carry it on the go. It can be stored in a bag without taking up too much space while its battery allows it to last between 3 and 6 hours depending on the game, some being more energy intensive than others.

In addition , you have access to all the classic titles on the Nintendo Switch, like FIFA , but also other exclusives like the excellent Animal Crossing : New Horizons , Super Smash Bros Ultimate as well as Zelda Breath of the Wild . The games catalog is less full than that of the last home consoles like the PS5, but you will have plenty to pass the time.

For all these reasons, the Nintendo Switch is the gift perfect Christmas, whether it is to please yourself or a loved one. In any case, do not think too long before choosing this offer, especially since you find the excellent game Mario + The Raving Rabbids: Kingdom Battle . In addition, we remind you that you can change your mind until January 8 by ordering immediately, this is the perfect opportunity to have fun at a reduced price.

For access the offer on the Nintendo Switch, it’s here:

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