Nintendo Switch: technical issues to be expected at Christmas

It’s obvious, very (very) many players will have the pleasure on Christmas morning of (re) unpacking a Nintendo Switch, whether it is the standard model, the nomad Lite version or more the recent premium OLED version . Unlike the PS5 and Xbox Series X, the Nintendo console is easily found in stores, and should again make a lot of people happy on 20 December, although it is (already!) his fifth Christmas.

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Disruption in sight for the Nintendo Switch

Obviously, like every year, servers around the world will be in great demand on Christmas day. Indeed, many users will activate (at the same time) their new iPhone, their new Android smartphone, their new game console, their new computer … Also, they will perform updates, download games or even start. in online gaming sessions, which will temporarily affect the quality of the network.

On the Nintendo side, we have already posted a little message on Twitter to announce upcoming surcharges on servers linked to the Nintendo Switch ecosystem. The Japanese giant thus indicates that it is not impossible to encounter problems when creating a new Nintendo ID.

Nintendo thus advises all those who can configure it. now the Switch console which will be offered at Christmas. In this way, users will be able to avoid the peak of traffic that is looming on 12 December, and allow the lucky chosen one to enjoy his console as soon as it is unboxed. Rather practical therefore to avoid tedious technical manipulations the same day, in front of the youngest who wants at all costs to play immediately on his new console and not to wait for any update or downloading this Super Mario 3D World which holds out its paws .

Obviously, this concern will not be linked only to Nintendo, and it’s a safe bet that other similar services on PlayStation and Xbox will also experience some failures on Christmas Day. Ultimately, if you can, think about configuring the consoles to offer upstream, so that they are immediately usable on the big day. There was a time when you just had to plug in your barely unpacked Mega Drive or Super Nintendo. on TV, slide the cartridge into the machine and start the game. For several years, the start-up has been “ a little ”more complicated, and can sometimes require very long preliminary configuration steps… You have been warned.

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