Nintendo alerts on fake sites in its image

On its official website, Nintendo alert on platforms posing as the famous manufacturer in order to extract clicks and money from an audience thinking they are on something totally official. Nintendo says it has already identified a fraudulent site and taken legal action against it.

“Because… it’s Nintendo.” This meme from the former president of Nintendo of America Reggie Fils-Aimé tends to recall that the Mario brand, in addition to its power and impact in video games, is distinguished by its uniqueness. Even among the competition, it happens to speak of a game typed “Nintendo” when all its mechanics agree to form a devilishly accessible and controlled whole.

youtube credit But imagine that someone is trying to get you to switch from Nintendo when there isn’t one. This has already been the case on mobiles and tablets, with these applications shamelessly incorporating visuals or concepts dear to the Japanese firm. Here and now, the threat is more on the “world wide web”, more commonly known as the web of www.

Fraudulent sites: Nintendo said to have already identified a site with its aesthetic

On its official website, Nintendo alerted the 14 last January on the existence of several sites trying to impersonate the home page of… Nintendo. The goal of these malevolent spirits, to deceive their visitors who think they have to do with Nintendo’s services, and to extract money from them by making them believe that they will place an order for this or that product. One of these sites has already been identified by the Japanese giant:

“We recently confirmed the existence of a fake website that mimics that of Nintendo”. “These fake sites have nothing to do with our company.”

The press release specifies that these sites visibly emphasize the possibility to buy Nintendo products at preferential rates:

“Fake sites illegally use our company logo, pretend that they are managed by our company and display our products, including the Nintendo Switch, as if they could be purchased at a greatly reduced price”.

“If you buy products on fake websites, you may be a victim of fraud, such as the unauthorized acquisition of your personal information. We would like to ask our customers to be careful not to confuse this website with ours, and to avoid purchasing products from fake websites.”

And to add:

“If we discover a fake website like this, we will report it to the police and the relevant ministries and agencies. ”

Among other precautions, carefully look at the web addresses indicated by the mouse pointer and never think of accessing an official Nintendo site from a link doubtful.

Source: Japanese Nintendo site (via 2022VGC)