NFT scam earns hackers $ 150,000

Like any growing phenomenon, that of the NFT could not escape the bad intentions of certain crooks. Latest victim to date, the company Fractal, an NFT marketplace created by Justin Kan, co-founder of Twitch. On 21 last December, hackers broke into the Discord accounts of some employees to set up their stratagem.

Once they entered the sheepfold, the wolves sent a false announcement in the name of the company on the group dedicated to Fractal. The following message was read by 54 000 users:

We are going to put on sale 3333 NFT which will quickly leave (…) Remember, you cannot pay with Solana cryptocurrency.

In reality, the link to the offer referred to the Fractai site and not Fractal. Despite this method widely used in other fields, 373 people fell into the trap. In total, the hackers have “approximately siphoned off 800 Solana cryptocurrency tokens, the equivalent of 150 02 dollars ” explained the company.

Although it was not really responsible for the scam, the company has already declared that she planned “to fully compensate the victims” but that she needed “a few days to resolve this problem” .

NFT, the web3 phenomenon

At the end of the year 2021, l NFT are at the center of digital news. Some have a perfect command of the cogs, others are interested in it from afar, others are completely ditched.

“Pay hundreds of euros for a JPG image that the ‘we can finally capture for free, what heres ie ! “. This is how NFTs are perceived by some neophytes. In reality, if the applications remain fairly anarchic for the time being, NFTs could well become “normality” in the years to come.

Roughly speaking, NFTs are works or else virtual products that we buy only with cryptocurrencies. These virtual goods or works, which were exchanged only in cryptocurrencies, have elements of identification and traceability making them unique. A kind of DNA.

Let’s admit it, NFTs are for the moment a good way to get rich by speculating on the value of these virtual goods and works. The Sorare platform, for example, allows you to exchange virtual football cards like the Panini albums of our childhood. Except that the cards have values ​​of several thousand euros.

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