New trailer for The Batman and it promises heavy!

Warner Bros. Credits There are only two months left before “The Batman” finally hits theaters. Dark Knight fans are counting the days until March and they have plenty to enjoy: the first teasers and images of the film indeed sparkle a dark and action-packed story, worthy of the masked vigilante.

Warner Bros. CreditsWell, Warner Bros has unveiled a new trailer and now fans can’t wait to see the movie more than ever! Indeed, this second trailer of “The Batman” promises a story really rich in action and twists. The video also starts very strongly with the Batmobile in full pursuit and a Dark Knight still and always darker than ever.

A really intense trailer

A few days ago, the evaluation of “The Batman” fell and the film was rated PG-10. The site had also announced violent content that some might find disturbing. Well the second trailer clearly goes in this direction: the two-minute video indeed reveals a tortured character, but also extracts from brutal and intense action scenes. ) We can see that Batman goes to great lengths to knock out his opponents, to the point of alienating the police. But above all, the trailer also reveals a truly dark and gloomy Gotham, a city where violence and corruption reign supreme. Like what, the film is clearly not for altar boys. Sensitive souls abstain!

A dark story…

“The Batman” takes place two years after Bruce Wayne began to clean the streets of Gotham under the mask of the Dark Knight. In view of his methods, the famous vigilante is however not very popular with the police who consider him to be a criminal.

The situation becomes even more complicated for Batman, but also Bruce Wayne, when a serial killer rages in the city by dedicating his murders to them through bloody enigmas. Especially since the Wayne family seems to be involved in this whole corruption story in Gotham. Batman will embark on a dangerous quest to catch the killer, while trying to unlock the secrets of the Waynes.

Can’t wait for March 4 to finally discover what director Matt Reeves has concocted for us in “The Batman”. Especially since the film is carried by a super cast with Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright or even Andy Serkis on the bill. We can not wait to see it !