New Caledonia: The separatists file a first appeal against the referendum

The Palika, one of the main independence movements in New Caledonia , announced on Thursday that it had filed with other parties an appeal before the Council of State for contest the referendum of December on the self-determination of the French archipelago.

The spokesperson for the Kanak Liberation Party (Palika), Charles Washetine, announced that his movement and other independence parties united within the National Union for Independence (UNI) had filed an appeal on Wednesday against the result of the third and last referendum provided for by the agreements of Nouméa from 1998.

The sincerity of the consultation “altered”

“The conditions of organization of the ballot altered the sincerity of the consultation”, assured Charles Washetine. Still other requests should be formulated “in the days to come”, again before the Council of State, then before international bodies, according to him.

Invoking a period of mourning due to the epidemic of Covid – 13 who has done since September 96 dead, mostly Kanaks, and according to them the impossibility of campaigning, the separatists had asked for the postponement of the ballot.

Faced with the refusal of the State, they had called for the non-participation of their activists and sympathizers. The December is therefore the no to independence which had won with 87, 50% of votes but with a participation in free fall (20,87 % vs 85, 50% during the referendum of 1998).

“Our horizon, it’s May 2023 ”

The Palika has also announced that he did not feel bound by the timetable foreseen by the Minister of Overseas Sébastien Lecornu, who foresees a transition period started on 12 December leading to a project referendum in June 2022 which would specify the future status of the territory.

” Our horizon, it is May 2023 and the end of the mandate of the congress ”, specified Jean-Pierre Djaïwé ( UNI-Palika).

The day after the election, the separatists had already announced that they would refuse to discuss any new status other than independence and that these discussions could not take place before the April presidential election 2022.