Netflix: watch out for this scam that seeks to steal your money!

If you have received an email from Netflix asking you to update your information, be careful. A phishing attempt in the colors of the platform is currently circulating by email. “Hello, we are having trouble with your payment information. We have then (sic) decided to temporarily cancel your Netflix subscription ”, announces the message, before continuing: “ once your billing information has been updated, you can (sic ) use your Netflis account on your favorite devices ”.

The email has a Netflix logo as a banner – it ends with a big red button, with the mention “Update my information” . The problem is, this message obviously has nothing to do with Netflix. When the user clicks on the button, they are redirected to a site under the control of hackers. He is then prompted to enter sensitive data which may lead hackers to steal money from their victim.

Netflix: if there is a problem with your data billing, go directly to the official website

These phishing messages are at first glance rather well done – threatening to cause victims. Several elements however sell as always the wick. The sender email address is not an address ending with the Netflix domain name (@ or @ There are also two small misspellings, while official communications are models and usually do not include such typos.

If you have any problems with your billing data, Netflix Usually displays an alert directly on the site interface. It is therefore advisable, when you receive this kind of message, to systematically go and check for yourself on the official website if there is indeed a problem with your payment data. If you accidentally clicked on the link and transmitted sensitive data, all is not lost. However, you must contact your bank as soon as possible to report the situation to it so that it can possibly block transfers and other direct debits.

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In a few years we have noticed that phishing attempts have increased in sophistication. The trend is for messages that are increasingly difficult to distinguish from truly official emails. A good antivirus can block the most dangerous links for you. Thanks to it, you will no longer run the slightest risk even if you inadvertently click in a phishing email. Several antiviruses offer this type of protection. We currently recommend Intego on Mac and Bitdefender on PC which offer very efficient suites available at very low prices:

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