Netflix has just launched the perfect challenge for those who don't know what to do during the holiday season

Netflix has just added a piece to the eternal debate around what to watch in the streaming platform’s catalog (or to end it under the points of view): is there too much to see or not enough (and why is it so difficult to choose)? According to Netflix’s last Instagram post, we should rather lean towards the first option: just in time for the holidays, Netflix has published an infographic listing the 100 classics to see on the service. As the caption of the post suggests (“So? What’s your grade?”), It is also an invitation to test your film culture by establishing your personal score on 100 depending on the films viewed. You can also try to see them all during the holidays but chances are they will last long enough. If the notion of “classic” according to Netflix is ​​sometimes quite broad ( Master and Commander? ), it must be admitted that the catalog appears to be a coup rather garnished with films from all over the world, recent or not, and which could well bring back good memories to the cinephiles.