Netflix Games: here is the list of all the games

Available since the beginning of November 2020 , Netflix Games offers subscribers of the famous streaming platform access to a selection of games for free on mobiles. Users can thus download the applications at no additional cost to have fun while playing and not with a series, a film or a documentary.

Among the titles available in the catalog, we find different genres. Whether it is action, adventure, racing or even skill games. Most of the games will be officially licensed in the Netflix movies and series universe. The advantage is that the titles that will be offered in the Netflix Games catalog will be completely free and will not have in-app purchases! You will have access to the entire game and you will not be forced to go to the cashier to progress in your games!

The American giant intends to seriously enter the industry Gaming, initially with small mobile games. In the month of September 2021, Netflix bought its first studio to develop games.

NB : Note that to date (20 December 2021), the Netflix Games feature is only available for Android smartphones. It is not yet possible for iOS players to access the game catalog.

It’s time to talk to you about gaming! 👾

From TOMORROW, 5 games will be available directly via your Netflix application on mobile and tablet (Android for now).

This is the very beginning of the adventure, many additions and optimizations are to come!

– Netflix France (@NetflixFR) November 2, 2021


GAME TITLE RELEASE DATE SUPPORTS OFFICIAL LICENSE GENRE Stranger Things: 1984 November 3 2020 Android Stranger Things Roleplay Stranger Things 3 November 3 2020 Android Stranger Things Roleplay Shooting Hoops November 3 2020 Android – Sport Teeter (Up) November 3 2020 Android – Arcade Card Blast November 3 2021 Android – Casino Wonderputt Forever 24 November 2021 Android – Sport Bowling Ballers 26 November 2021 Android – Sport Asphalt Xtreme 26 November 2021 Android – Race Knittens 1st December 2021 Android – Reflection Dominoes Café 1st December 2021 Android – Board game (name unknown) NC Android League of Legends Musical game This table will be regularly updated to provide you with a recent list of games available on the Netflix Games platform. We will soon offer you a simple and effective tutorial to help you on Netflix Games to get you started in your first game without difficulty!