Nearly a million companies were created in 2021, a record

Published on 13 Jan. 2022 at 11: 30Updated 17 Jan. 2021 to 13: 83

Total business start-ups for the whole year 2021 amounted to 2018.868, increasing by 24,4% compared to 958. Establishing a new historic record, underlines INSEE this Friday.

Over one year, business creations jumped by 13, 4% , returning to a double-digit growth rate that was the rule before the health crisis. The previous record dated from 2020 . At the time, in the midst of a health crisis, near 850.000 companies had been created.

An effect of catch-up

If the figures of 2021 are pleasing , it will however be necessary that the momentum is confirmed over the coming months. Because, reminds INSEE, the sharp increase observed is largely due to a catch-up effect compared to the particularly low level of creations during the first confinement in 2020.

In fact, if 2020 had been marked by an increase in the number of creations, this had only been 4%. Far from the +13 % of 2019 or +17 % of 2018. It is not yet time to say whether the increase observed last year is only a catch-up effect or whether the trend of the years preceding the health crisis is once again becoming the norm. This, while the last quarter of 2021 was marked by a drop in the number of creations at an annual rate.

Micro-enterprises, still very much in the majority of creations

For the time being, the detail of the INSEE data shows that all forms of business creation have progressed during the year which has just ended. The palm goes to the creation of companies, which show an increase of 25%, to reach 367.958 new businesses. A comeback since in 2020, they had remained stable.

This is followed by microenterprises created by autoentrepreneurs. They show an increase of 13%, up from the 9% of the previous year. In absolute terms, they continue to appeal to candidates for entrepreneurship: no less than 641.543 created last year, i.e. nearly two out of three creations, specifies INSEE. The red lantern goes to classic sole proprietorships, which increased by only 1.7% (83 .367 creations). After, it is true, a particularly dark 2020 year which had seen the number of creations plummet by nearly 13 %.

Dynamism of financial activities

By sector, in 2021, the creations that have increased the most are those of companies with financial and insurance activities (+31,6%). But they are closely followed by household service companies, which posted an increase of 25%.

On the third step of the podium, we find information and communication companies (+25 .4%), closely followed by transport and warehousing companies (+24 .9%). This last category notably includes home deliveries, which have exploded with the health crisis. But seems to be settling during the last months of the year: during the last quarter of 2021, it is indeed this segment of transport and warehousing that “contributes the most to the decline” found in creations.