‘Ndrangheta, the boss of the Paviglianiti bosses arrested in Madrid: multiple murderer was free by mistake

BOLOGNA. The carabinieri of Bologna and the Spanish police arrested the fugitive of ‘Ndrangheta Domenico Paviglianiti in Madrid, 60 years , “the boss of bosses” as he was called in the Eighties and Nineties.

He is the recipient of an execution order for concurrent sentences for 11 years, 8 and 15 days, issued on 21 January by the Public Prosecutor’s Bologna for crimes of mafia-type association, murder and association for the purpose of drug trafficking.

Paviglianiti had been released in October 2019, based on an erroneous calculation of the sentence. He left Italy and took refuge in Spain.

Paviglianiti was arrested on 3 August by the Spanish Police, Udyco Central, and by the carabinieri of the provincial command of Bologna, investigative unit, coordinated by the prosecutor Giuseppe Amato and by prosecutors Roberto Ceroni and Michele Martorelli, in collaboration with Eurojust (Filippo Spiezia) and in conjunction with the International Police Cooperation Service.

Considered a top member of the ‘Ndrangheta family of the same name, still operating in the municipalities of San Lorenzo, Bagaladi and Condofuri (Reggio Calabria) with branches in Northern Italy, in particular in Lombardy, and in South America for the management of international drug trafficking, Paviglianiti had already been sentenced to ‘life sentence (eg later replaced with imprisonment for 30 years) for a series of murders, mafia-type association and drug offenses, committed starting from the ’80.

He had a first-rate role, explain the carabinieri, during the so-called second mafia war, when together with other ‘Ndrangheta families from the province of Reggio Calabria he had supported the De Stefano clan in the bloody feud with the Condellos.

The investigation that led to his tracing stems from the new provision issued by the Bolognese prosecutor, which arrived after an appeal to the Supreme Court which found the wrong calculation that had released the boss.