National Geographic reveals best post-pandemic travel destinations

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Transcript for National Geographic reveals best post-pandemic travel destinations

the pandemic. But, our friends at national geographic want everybody still to have experience of some kind this world has to offer, so they put together a list of 25 must-see destinations for our future, post-pandemic itineraries. George stone joins us to tell us all about it. How did you narrow it down to 25? We had all this extra time because we weren’t traveling last year. We coordinated with our national geographic photographers, experts, explorers, writers, and we put together this list of 25 places that tell an important story for the year ahead. To be clear, you’re not telling everybody to book your trip. This is for later. The theme is to dream now, go later. So we follow CDC guidelines absolutely and we respect the policies of each nation, which will determine where Americans can travel and indeed where people in the world can travel, and as vaccines roll out, as things change, you know, I think the world will open up again. But right now, we’re really in sort of new year’s resolution mode, we’re like, where do you want to go? Because we know how important travel is for everyone. Do you think travel is going to look differently, think differently about their destinations? When we get out of this pandemic. I hope so. I think it really will. I think that people, among other things, have proven they can do their work wherever they are, so I want people to take longer vacations, to stay in places that are more off the grid. Question did a national geographic consult and 42% of our readers really want to go to wilderness areas, this is wonderful, because this puts them in closer to conservation. Preserving the environment. Environmental stewardship and also the cultural connection between people and place. You know, when you said wilderness, I just assumed people want to get away from other people to some degree, right, we’ve been missing each other but there’s also some reluctance to get together with larger crowds, give us a few here that made the cut, maybe some of your favorites. One that I love is in the eastern caribbean, but it was hit hard by hurricane Maria in 2017, it’s bouncing back as a climate change resistant, hurricane-resistant island nation and it’s packed with things to do. Another that we love is yellowknife in northern territory Canada, up near the arctic, the Aurora borealis shimmers some 240 nights a year, and so — I was telling our readers to look skyward and start to dream, in fact tonight’s a full moon, wherever you are, you can view that probably in your backyard. Another place that we really love is British Columbia, westernmost Canada.

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