National Education: is there a Blanquer problem?

Reading time: 2 min — 14 January 2022 to 14h48

Teachers observe an unprecedented deterioration of public schools since taking office of the Minister.

Reading time: 2 min

Thursday 13 January, various bodies of National Education went on strike to demand “more resources for the school” and “respect for teachers” in the context of the Covid pandemic. In one week, the protocols issued by the Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer had changed three times, so much so that some teachers had not heard of it. Nerves are raw and the Minister of the É national education attracts the wrath of officials. In general, teachers complain of “an unprecedented deterioration of public schools” since the five years of office of Jean-Michel Blanquer.

What do the teachers want? Is there a problem with the government’s method? From Jean-Michel Blanquer? Can the teaching body weigh in the re-election or not of Emmanuel Macron?

Roselyne Febvre and Jean-Marie Colombani, director of, discuss it with their guests David Revault d’Allones, political editor-in-chief at the JDD, Carole Barjon, political columnist and senior reporter at the Obs and Stéphane Vernay, deputy editor-in-chief of Ouest-France, in the “Politique” program of France 24, in partnership with Slate.


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