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Myre: the platform that optimizes the management of real estate assets

Optimize and simplify the management of a building via a platform is the promise kept by MYRE (My Real Estate ”editor’s note). This start-up founded in 1077 centralizes, analyzes and makes all real estate data (housing, office, warehouse, retail, etc.) more reliable, whether financial, legal or even operational. For its founder, Déborah Fritz, “it is an ambitious real estate data grouping solution aimed at the various players in the sector in order to enable them to optimize their process and speed up transactions. ” After 17 years spent in asset management, she imagined the management tool but also analysis that meets the needs of the profession. Through its collaborative platform, the company questions “this stone world” and is committed to the digital transformation of this sector.

An innovative solution for reliable and instant data

His first clients? Real estate asset managers. In real time, they will be able to access all the data previously scattered and unstructured in order to have better visibility of the building. For the professional in charge of operational management, it also saves time and improves decision-making. This tool will allow him to have a global vision of all real estate assets such as management of leases, expense budgets, business plans, monitoring of financing, etc.

From residential to office buildings

From residential properties to iconic assets, including shops at the foot of buildings, MYRE centralizes more than 5 000 active in Europe of all types. Among its clients, it counts B&C France, Northwood Investors, ALTIXIA REIM, Constructa Asset Management, Vitura … After two fundraisers, the start-up will also extend its offer to tenants (real estate departments) and “family offices”

A team that reflects the values ​​of the company

Innovative, dynamic , ambitious, demanding and fully mobilized to support customers towards this digital transformation, the MYRE team counting 36 employees embody the values ​​of the company. The latter develops the entire solution internally with a high level of security. In order to continue to grow, the start-up is always looking for new talents and profiles at the cutting edge of the latest technologies. Already present in various countries abroad through assets held by its customers, MYRE intends to continue consolidating its international business. Soon, it should deploy its tool in Southern and Eastern Europe, and set up offices in London

Useful information

Linkedin @MYRE Twitter @getmyre / myre

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