My Hero Academia: Shiketsu High School prepares for its big comeback

Credits: Nautiljon SPOILER ALERT! This article contains material from Chapter 339 of My Hero Academia!

In any war, you have to surround yourself with several allies. My Hero Academia is no exception to the rule. As the final arc approaches, Kohei Horikoshi brings in another school of heroes. After bringing back Hatsume Mei, it’s high school’s turn Shiketsu to enter the dance.

Credits: Studio Bones

A national conflict

Previous battles between the league of villains and the heroes had been limited to UA But this this time, the conflict takes on a national dimension. Indeed, the villains who have been released from prisons do not only attack heroes, but also civilians. Moreover, the influence of villains is no longer limited to the league. The latter merged with the Superpower Liberation Army and became the Paranormal Liberation Front, a more dangerous organization with nationwide ramifications. This situation then requires the mobilization of heroes on a national scale for a just response. UA will therefore need all the heroic hands it can muster. It is in this capacity that Shiketsu High School and its students will surely join the battle. In the chapter 339, Fatgum proposes to the civilians to shelter in Shiketsu High School, which according to him “is a real fortress like UA”

Probable speakers from Shiketsu High School

According to the manga, Shiketsu High School is the second center of benchmark for hero training in Japan. So far, four Shiketsu students have appeared since the start of the series. This is Camie Utsushimi, Inasa Yoarashi, Nagamasa Mora and Seiji Shishikura. The first three are first graders and Shishikura is in second grade.

Shishikura has a Quirk of wind that allows him to move as he pleases. His Quirk is very handy for ranged combat. As for Camie, she has a bewitching Quirk with which she can create illusions. Nagamasa has Hypertrichosis as a Quirk, which allows him to expand his body hair and trap multiple people in it. Finally, Seiji has a butcher’s Quirk through which he can shape human flesh. He is able to separate his body into several parts or to compress the body of his enemies. These different Quirks will be very effective in the coming war.

Outside of Shiketsu , the other hero schools like Ketsubutsu Academy, Seiai Academy, Seijin High School, and Isami Academy will likely take part in the war. Enough to give us hope that everything is still playable in this heroes versus villains duel.