Morocco: the embarrassment of Halilhodzic, who did not want to designate Algeria as favorite of the CAN

Asked Thursday about the favorite CAN team (January 9-February 6), Moroccan coach Vahid Halilhodzic was very embarrassed and carefully avoided pronouncing the name from Algeria. Without denying the status of favorites of the Algerians.

While the CAN begins in two weeks in Cameroon (January 9-February 6), Morocco coach Vahid Halilhodzic was questioned, on the occasion of the announcement of his selection , on the favorite of the competition. The expected answer was Algeria but the Bosnian coach took every precaution to avoid the question.

Clearly embarrassed, Vahid Halilhodzic stammered a few seconds before launching into a answers with a lot of tweezers. “There are four or five teams of very good levels, with exceptional, world-class players. These are teams that can, with Morocco, be favorites. I don’t want to say … It will create … Well, c ‘is a very high competition “, he first tried.

” Biggest favorite, you know him “

“There are a lot of good teams, I think you can imagine which ones can be favorites. We don’t need to repeat ourselves. The biggest favorite, you know him. But we are there too, “continued Halilhodzic, taking great care not to pronounce the word” Algeria “, so as not to rekindle the animosity that reigns between the two countries. All the more so since diplomatic tensions between Morocco and Algeria have grown even more tense recently.

Holders of the title, winners of the Arab Nations Cup against Tunisia on Saturday (2-0), Algeria indeed advances towards the CAN as the big favorite of the competition.