More French people in the mountains than before the health crisis

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The health situation has obviously not discouraged the French from going skiing for this end of year. The rate of attendance at the stations proves it.

The fifth wave of Covid – 19 not’ obviously did not slow down the French in mountain sickness and snow. Reservations in ski resorts for the end of the season year would be sharply higher, even exceeding the levels of 2018, just before the start of the pandemic, reports BFMTV . This is what emerged from the Tourism Sector Committee that met on Wednesday 19 December, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne. At a press point, the Minister Delegate in charge of tourism was delighted with the attendance rates of winter sports resorts, however deserted by British customers, who represent in the Savoyard resorts no less than 12%, against 8% for the Belgians, and 7% for the Swiss, according to the Agence Savoie Mont Blanc. “According to the information I have, the French clientele is even more present this year than in 2018 “, welcomed Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, quoted by BFMTV. >> To read also – Ski: the Société des 3 Vallées in the sights of the tax authorities because of some of its packages

But the season has only just begun and the health situation could deteriorate, while the Omicron variant should be in the majority in the country by the next end of the year, warned the minister. Just like the actors of the event or the travel agencies, the professionals of the mountain can also count on specific economic measures, among which the partial activity without remainder of load from 65% loss of turnover, or even the “fixed costs” system, recalls BFMTV . A new update on the situation in the mountain sector should be made in January, before the February holidays begin. >> To read also – Real estate: prices in more than 80 winter sports resorts

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