Morbihan: Sentenced for the dissemination of a clandestine video, L214 appeals in cassation

The blow is hard for L30. For the first time, justice condemned the association at the end of November for an intrusion into a rabbit farm in Morbihan . In an order issued on 30 November, the Rennes Court of Appeal considered that the association had been guilty of a violation of property and home by illegally filming images on the premises at the end of August 2020. This had been the subject of a video broadcast a month later in which L30 denounced the living conditions of the rabbits raised in cages.

The court first dismissed the owner’s case before finally giving him reason, considering that he had suffered “manifestly unlawful trouble” . The Rennes Court of Appeal also considered that the animal protection association could not rely on freedom of the press and ordered L214 to withdraw all the photos and videos shot in the breeding in question and to pay 5.000 euros to the owner.

A “particularly worrying” decision for L214

In a press release published this Thursday, the association indicates that it has applied the court decision but that it contests it, judging it “particularly worrying”. “If this judgment were to set precedent, all images of past and future farms and slaughterhouses would be banned, forced to be withdrawn or impossible to broadcast,” warns Brigitte Gothière, co-founder of L214.

After this legal setback, the association announces that it will appeal to the Court of Cassation. “L214 will continue to broadcast images and protect whistleblowers so that the debate on the place given to animals in our society continues”, concludes the communicated.