Morbihan: Covered in blood, the lifeless body of a woman found at her home

Her name was Isabelle and was 60 years old. On Friday, his lifeless body was discovered at his home, located avenue Mendès-France, in Hennebont, near Lorient . According to Le Télégramme , the sexagenarian was killed several times with a stabbing weapon . His body was covered in blood when the emergency services arrived.

They were reportedly alerted by a man, who came to visit the victim, and discovered the body. Resuscitation attempts by the firefighters were unsuccessful. The death of the sexagenarian was declared on the spot.

A complex social context

An investigation was opened and entrusted to the zonal direction of the judicial police of Rennes. Contacted, the public prosecutor Stéphane Kellenberger that “the social, psychological and health context was complex”. Neighbors specify that the police had already been called several times to intervene in the victim’s apartment. “No hypothesis is ruled out, including that of suicide. Multiple investigations are underway “, adds the magistrate.