Morbihan: Burglarized in 2021? Police seek to return stolen items

At the beginning of the year 2022, the police of Vannes seem to have resolved to sort and empty his attic. In a message posted on its Facebook page , the departmental security of Morbihan appealed to the victims of trailer thefts and burglaries so that they can come and collect their belongings. To help them, the police have released photos of many objects discovered by investigators in connection with theft cases. Laptops, connected speakers, an electronic cigarette, purses, car keys and even US dollars are still waiting to be returned to their owners.

According to the police, these goods come from thefts having been committed in 56 in the region of Vannes. If you recognize one or more of these objects, all you have to do is contact the departmental directorate of public security ( and to specify the date and place of the theft in order to be contacted by the investigators for the restitution.

The very targeted cars at the start of the year

Since the start of the year, the Vannes police received several complaints for thefts committed in parked cars. Law enforcement advises against leaving multimedia devices (telephones or GPS), handbags or designer clothes in sight. And call motorists accustomed to not leaving the engine running when they are away for a race, even a brief one, in a business.