Mobile plan: at midnight it will be too late for this crazy offer

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Bouygues Telecom offers its mobile plans at discounted prices for a few hours. The most interesting offer of the day is the 100 Go package which sees its price drop to 9, 99 euros per month .

Timing has never been more important, this offer ending tonight (Thursday 23/12) at midnight. To take advantage of it, it’s here:

Take advantage of the offer

By opting for Bouygues Telecom, you save on the price thanks to this promo, but above all you gain access to a network and customer service recognized for their quality.

100 Go, for all your needs

Until midnight tonight, the B & You package 100 Go therefore falls to less than 10 euros. This is a very interesting offer, the mobile data volume being perfect for intensive consumers.

For 9, 99 euros per month, you are entitled to 100 GB of data in France, including 15 Go usable in the European Union and in the DOM, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS . This is an ultra-comprehensive offer, and the 13 Go abroad will be able to serve you during your travels, even if the period is not not conducive.

All B & You offers are non-binding. If you are not satisfied, you can change operator free of charge. But Bouygues Telecom uses it as a driving force to continuously improve its quality of service and retain its customers.

Not one, not two, but three packages at low prices

The 100 Go offer is the favorite of the Presse-citron editorial staff, but Bouygues Telecom has thought about the different types of customers. Four mobile plans are offered by the brand, and three are on sale until midnight.

The ultimate in terms of data is the package 200 Go to 12, 99 euros per month . It has 200 Go Internet in France, including 13 Go usable in Europe and in the DOM, and also includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. Such an offer for less than 12 euros per month is solid.

For a secondary plan or for subscribers who do not need data, Bouygues Telecom offers its B & You plan at less than 5 euros per month. The B & You mobile plan 200 Mo at 4, 30 euros per month . It gives you access to 200 MB of internet in France and from Europe and the overseas departments and, always, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

There is one package left at B & You, it is the one allowing access to 5G. If it is not on promotion, its price is still the most interesting on the market, at 23, 99 euros per month . It includes 130 Go of internet in 5G (or 4G) in France, including 20 Go usable in the European Union and the overseas departments. Again, you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

To take advantage of these sensational offers before midnight tonight, it’s here:

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B & You: all the know-how of Bouygues Telcom

For ten years, Bouygues Telecom has offered non-binding mobile plans at a very competitive price. The brand has won over millions of subscribers across France in this decade. To keep its customers, Bouygues Telecom pays particular attention to its quality of service, between the network and customer service.

Once again, ARCEP (Electronic communications regulatory authority ) elected Bouygues Telecom as the second best mobile network in France. Three criteria are used for this classification: quality, coverage and network speed.

All B & You offers are only sold online. With a few clicks, you can subscribe, and above all keep your current smartphone number.

For portability, just call 3179 with your current line and retrieve your RIO number. When you subscribe to B & You, you will have to indicate it, as well as the desired portability date, and voila.

To discover all the B & You mobile plans at prices sacrificed before this Thursday 20 December, it’s right here:

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