We are going to explain what the Mediaset Mitele service is, how it works and how you can register for a user account. It is an online platform with which you can access all kinds of home content, from series to entertainment programs.

We are going to start by explaining what exactly Mitele is and some of its main characteristics that you have to take into account. Then we will tell you how it works and organization, and we will end with a small step by step in which we explain the process of creating a user account.

What is Mitele

Mitele is the live television platform created by Mediaset España. In it, you can see the contents of both Telecinco and Cuatro as well as the secondary channels FDF, Energy, Divinity and Be Mad. The idea is to allow you to access its programming at any time and from any device thanks to its applications for smart TVs, Android or iOS.

In its catalog you will find both its own national series and films and some foreign ones that they have licenses. You can also access the entertainment programs of the various channels in the house, its sports spaces or its children’s content.

MiTele offers both free and paid content . For example, you will be able to watch live broadcasts and their series and programs for free in exchange for seeing various advertisements, while you will be able to see movies for a price of 1.45 euros.

Mitele also has several drawbacks that may hinder your experience when using it. For example, you will be forced to watch about 3 20-second ads every 12 minutes of broadcast, and if you exit linear playback to rewind or go forward you will have to see another three more ads.

The other negative point is that the international series do not have all the complete seasons . You can get an idea if you go to the Hawai 5-0 tab , where you will see that they only have six chapters of the fifth season or one of the third. In other series such as Cobra Alert you will also see that they have several seasons but that they are not followed or all have all the chapters.

How Mitele works

The operation of Mitele is very simple, and it is not far from that of other online platforms. When you enter their website, you directly access a screen with content recommendations, schedules with live programming, and lists with the most viewed or most interesting programs.

In this main menu, to the right of the Mitele logo you have a search engine and the two sections of the web. The first section is called A la carte , and when you click on it you will see the index with all the available content. On the left there is a column with the categories, and each time you click on one, all the programs and titles are shown in the center.

And the second section is Live . When you enter it, you will see the programs that are live on all the channels of the Mediaset group, so you can start watching TV from your browser or mobile application whenever you want.

The mobile app works exactly the same, only adapted for better operation on small screens. For example, when you enter the A la carte section , the categories on the web are in a column on the left are shown in full screen, and you don’t see the content until you enter each one of them.

Mitele also allows you to create a user account. If you do, in addition to parental control, you will be able to manage your movie purchases, continue watching programs that you left halfway, or create a list of content that you want to see or another of your favorite programs.

How to create an account at Mitele

To create an account in Mitele, you have to go to its official website and click on the profile icon that will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. This icon will appear whether you are registered or not, and it will always be visible.

If you are not logged in, clicking on this icon will open a window to log in with your Mediaset account, which is also used in Mitele. To create one you can link your Facebook account, but it is best to do a part by clicking on the register option that appears below the login options.

You will enter a screen in which you have to fill in the details of your new profile. It will only be mandatory to write the data that has a red asterisk, which means that you are not obliged to mark the options to receive information from Mediaset services or authorize them to give your data to third-party companies. From the lower options, it is only mandatory to accept their legal notice and privacy policy.

When you fill in your details and click on Register, you will have completed the process of creating a Mediaset account. As they will indicate on a screen, now you only have to click on the verification link that will arrive by email to finish confirming that it is you and activate the account.