“Mirella Schulze saves the world”: “Stromberg” inventor brings young Greta into TV – series falls into a cliché trap

“Mirella Schulze saves the world” is the new series from “Stromberg” inventor Ralf Husmann. It shows a figure based on Greta Thunberg on her mission to make the world a better place. However, this project presents them with a number of problems.

As a ten-year-old Mirella Schulze had imagined saving the world as simple: More trees in the city and everything will be fine. Three years later, the last of a total of 10 000 Trees have been planted, and Mirella could now be celebrated for her commitment. But the girl has long since wanted more: she now calls the tree project “natural pacifiers” – “something the so-called adults want to use to calm us down.”

Mirella now wants more than saplings – she wants people to change their behavior. All human beings: her two happy siblings, her father who pollutes the air with a truck and the CEO of the local chemical company, where Mirella’s mother also works. Pets are just as harmful to the climate as cars with internal combustion engines. And the planned school trip no longer takes the plane to Spain , but takes the bus to Poland . Poland? “It’s like Hartz IV, just as a country!” Exclaims a student.

The new series by the “Stromberg” inventor makes you think of Greta Thunberg Greta Thunberg as TV series: The dramedy “Mirella Schulze saves the world” borrows from the life of the Swedish environmental activist who has been struggling for years to move mankind to discernment and repentance. Protagonist Mirella (Tilda Jenkins), like Greta, constantly has to look serious, frown and give facts about short-haul flights, food waste and the heating of the atmosphere. It is charmless, uncomfortable, uncomfortable. Just like climate change, unfortunately.

Just save the world for a moment? Unfortunately it is not. The will might be there, but the habit is so much stronger. Mirella’s father tries to buy mangoes and avocados in the “bulk” shop. Mama replaces the unsuccessful chili sin carne with sushi to go from the gas station. The brother fills energy drinks from nasty cans into good glass bottles in order to make the fat rubbish with eco. The message in the subtext is simple: Saving the climate is super exhausting and no fun at all.

“Mirella Schulze saves the world” falls into the cliché trap Unfortunately, the series isn’t fun either. And that despite the fact that Germany’s perhaps best-known screenwriter Ralf Husmann (“Stromberg”) has taken on the hot topic. But while in his legendary office world satire the joke was so bitter and biting that it hurt to laugh, with “Mirella Schulze” he moves from one obvious cliché to the next: fast food instead of pleasure TV. Instead of surrounding his eco-heroine with strong characters, he garnishes her with two-dimensional key words that Bulgur thinks stupid and thinks minced meat is vegetarian. “Food is there for dinner, Falleri and Fallera,” sings the corduroy manager of Klima AG. The series does not reach any higher level.

Logically, Vox sends all eight episodes of the series in just one evening, ex and hopp. And we continue to hope for a clever comedy that turns the multi-layered gray area between climate change and climate change into more than a TV pacifier for simple minds.

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