Mimie Mathy: her amazing project with Adriana Karembeu’s ex!

If the summer 2021 has so far given birth to bad weather which has weighed down the morale of many French people, we can say that neither was he with Mimie Mathy. Indeed, the actress was in spite of herself at the heart of a bad buzz that put her beside herself. Friday 16 July 2021, Twitter got carried away after the testimony of an individual who then claimed to have been assaulted and physically threatened by the actress in a supermarket. The young man explained that he had met Joséphine Guardian Angel’s interpreter “at the end of July / beginning of August 2019″ in a supermarket in Cap d’Agde. ” I walk towards her, still with a little doubt in mind, I let out a shy” hello, excuse me .. “and the bitch responds aggressively” what? “As if I had just disturbed her . not phew like impression, but I ask “are you mimie mathy? sorry if it is insul …” and she does not even let me finish my sentence that she tells me all tense “yes it’s me but you shut your mouth and you bring nobody here otherwise you will eat one in the balls “”, would have attacked the actress of 60 years. A story put together from scratch that angered the actress who hastened to speak to shout her dismay at the magnitude of the controversy.

” Although the person concerned has finally apologized for this hoax, and deleted their account, this kind of joke in very bad taste saddens me deeply. Think at least about the consequences of your actions before posting and / or reacting to this type of post … “, wrote the actress from social networks.

Mimie Mathy gives the answer to Christian Karembeu in an episode of Joséphine Ange Gardien

If Mimie Mathy let the storm pass, it is also because she knows that she can count on a loyal audience. to rebroadcast outstanding episodes. Saturday, August 7, the first channel has also honored a second time a plot where the actress gave the reply to a French football star. Indeed, Mimie Mathy finds herself in the middle of a fishing trip with Christian Karembeu because his ex-trainee changed the fate of one of his clients by derailing the amorous encounter between Stan and Nina. Lebra of the PAF must therefore return to 1998, in the middle of the World Cup… A nice nod to Adriana Karembeu’s ex, who agreed to make an appearance nice in this episode.

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