Milla Jasmine: on Instagram, she formalizes her relationship with Lorenzo, the married man and father

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Milla Jasmine is back in couple! After her tumultuous affair with Mujdat Saglam and her brief relationship with Anthony Alcaraz, the pretty brunette has found love in the arms of a certain Lorenzo, a father from Marseille … Milla Jasmine is currently showing on “Objectif Reste du Monde” on W9. A few days ago, the pretty brunette found herself at the heart of a scandal after Greg Yega dropped a bombshell: Milla would lie about her relationship with Anthony Alcaraz and would actually be with a married man outside of the shoot … Just after the broadcast of this episode, several Instagram accounts such as “” or “Zohra. Pookie”, specialists in scoops related to reality TV, demonstrated that this rumor is true by sharing screenshots of conversations between Milla Jasmine and the wife of the famous married man .

So we learned that this man is named Lorenzo and that Milla Jasmine would have tried to convince his wife to leave him, claiming that she would be pregnant but that she did not know that he was married… Milla Jasmine formalizes her relationship

A few weeks later having denied any relationship, Milla Jasmine whose real name is Marie Germain, has just confessed to being in a relationship. The pretty brunette has indeed answered “yes” to a user who simply asked her if she is in a relationship. The bomb of 16 years then unveiled a photo of a pair of sneakers personalized with the initials L & M (Lorenzo & Milla) printed on them. Once again, blogger Wassim TV has confirmed that Milla Jasmine is indeed in a relationship with this named Lorenzo, even worse they would live a secret love affair since 16 last January, which literally means that she was in a relationship with him and with Anthony Alcaraz at the same time at one point… Milla Jasmine would then have chosen the father and family and would have put pressure on the latter to leave his wife and children.

On Instagram, blogger Shayara TV made it clear that Lorenzo does not cheat on his wife with Milla Jasmine but that he has been separated from the mother of his children for a while: “The real story is that the guy in question has been in a relationship before and has four children. It was not going well between him and his ex already long before Milla, more than a year ago. And there, they are separated. The guy does not cheat on anyone and this is not because he has children whom he cannot rebuild his life with another woman. “.

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