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Microsoft is testing a Game Pass offer for the family

According to 01Net’s Microsoft is testing a Game Pass offer for the family
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Game Pass Ultimate subscribers who choose this Family offer will be able to share their subscription with four other people in the same country.

Microsoft wants your whole family to play. The American firm has just revealed that it is testing a new formula allowing users who subscribe to Game Pass Ultimate to share the benefits of their subscription with other people. This “family” offer is intended to facilitate access to the games offered in the Xbox catalog on PC, console or from the Cloud.

This new subscription allows you to add up to four additional users, for a total of five people who can access the same Game Pass Ultimate. All added users will be able to enjoy all the benefits included in the Game Pass Ultimate offer. They will also have their own access and will need to sign in with their own Microsoft account to take advantage of the service. In addition, the Redmond firm specifies that to be eligible for this offer, people added to Game Pass must necessarily reside in the same country.

For now, this new offer is only tested in Colombia and Ireland. Players residing in these two countries can already test this new Preview subscription after registering for the Insider program in the Microsoft Store. Also, Insiders members who choose to join the Preview of this new Game Pass will see the remaining duration of their subscription converted into a new duration based on the remaining monetary value of their old subscription.

As an example, Microsoft explains that if you still have a full month left on your Game Pass Ultimate, this duration will be converted into 18 days of membership in the new family offer.

According to tweets published by Irish gamers, Microsoft would ask 21.99 dolars from Irish users wishing to access the Preview of this Family subscription.

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