Micro bikini, abs… Elodie Gossuin, mother of four children, THE silhouette poster!

Elected Miss France in 2001, Élodie Gossuin has absolutely nothing to envy of the silhouette of her twenty years. Today married and mother of two pairs of twins, the pretty blonde still takes the time to take care of herself whenever she can, and it shows.

On vacation , like every year, in the Landes, with her little family, the radio host shares a few moments with her subscribers on Instagram. But when you’re at the head of a tribe, it’s not always easy to take the time to take pretty, well-organized and well-prepared photos. And as proof, while Elodie Gossuin posed in a swimsuit in front of the camera, her little boy, Léonard, did not hesitate to join her… and to cling to his mother.

Straw hat, on the beach in front of a pine forest, wearing a beige bikini highlighting her perfect figure, and her abs drawn to perfection, Élodie Gossuin finally posed with her son, “My Koala, my oxygen cylinder” . The opportunity for her to reveal her real daily life as a mother, ” Parents on vacation = always a mood banana or sausage backpack. How’s it going?” , far from that of a woman free to do photo shoots posed in the sand, but ultimately very happy. And it shows ! A daily life surrounded by four small koalas, but an incomparable happiness, that her subscribers share with her, ” These photos say all about the happiness that it is to have little pots of glue with us” .

It must be said that the former beauty queen is a mother who is really very close to her children. Attentive, their confidante, ready for anything, as she revealed to Télé Loisirs not long ago, ” I talk a lot with my children, I am their friend, their confidante. For the moment, I believe let them talk to me about everything. I admit that on the other hand, I am too cool about the schedules: if we have dinner and the little ones are always out at midnight, I will not force them to go to bed… So that’s my husband who embodies authority. It suits me well to be the relaxed mom “. We wish him happy holidays!

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