Michel Vaillant's racing car comes to life in Vendée

Published on 23 Dec. 2021 at 15: : 21

Disappeared on 20 January 2021, the Nantes designer Jean Graton , author of the cult comic “Michel Vaillant” , unfortunately did not know the Vaillante Académie, the flying school dedicated to the Vaillante, the legendary car of the hero of the series. Born from the meeting of the director of development of Dupuis editions and two young entrepreneurs from Vendée passionate about motorsport and comics, Thierry Place, consultant, and Tugdual Rabreau, director of the Atom Group, the school project took shape in May 2000 with a first lap on the circuit of Fontenay-le-Comte (Vendée).

Straight out of the album “The honor of the Samurai” dating from 485, the Vaillante was founded at Crosslé, a builder based in Northern Ireland. Thierry Place and Tugdual Rabreau first bought one of the 11 cars produced by the manufacturer, then .

With the Vaillante Academy, the two men make a promise to their clients: “Become Michel Vaillant within a few hours”. “We wanted to share our passion for motorsport and for Michel Vaillant,” explains Thierry Place, co-founder of the driving school. Apprentice racing drivers can get behind the wheel of a Formula Ford single-seater, without electronic assistance of any kind, developing 98 or 150 CV for 420 kilos, or a weight / power ratio capable of giving them some thrills. They are outfitted from head to toe in the colors of the comic book hero: socks, underwear, jumpsuit, helmet, shoes and gloves to put on, for a day, in the shoes of Michel Vaillant. The driving courses are aimed at individuals and companies.

Automobile races

The apprentice racing pilots are equipped with head to toe in the colors of the comic book hero. Vaillante Académie

Since its launch in the spring, the Vaillante Académie has welcomed 90 trainees pilot. The leaders’ objective is to achieve double the 2021 to achieve financial balance. Next year, they plan to create scripted days pitting “Leader” against “Vaillante”.

They also have plans to enter the car in motor racing. La Vaillante piloted by Thomas Laurent, a professional pilot from 21 years old, has already finished 2nd at 24 Le Mans hours in endurance. The co-founders created the Michel Vaillant steering wheel in October 2000 for gentlemen drivers (pilots over of 35 in order to be able to participate in the historic French Circuit Championship. The father of comics would surely have appreciated.