Michel Sardou in shock: a homemade bomb discovered during his concert

If nowadays it is sometimes very risky for stars to say what they think on social networks, for fear of threats or insults, in the years 1970, the danger was ultimately the same, or even much worse.

Known and recognized artist, Michel Sardou has never hidden his opinion on the subjects that he likes to approach and defend. Interviews, discussions in the street or through his songs, the artist is renowned for his titles and opinions, far from being unanimous among the French. And for good reason, the latter was notably accused of defending the death penalty in “Je suis pour”, or conversely of condoning violence and rape in “The City of Solitude”, or even sexist , in particular in “The Old Married”. Accusations which are repeated, and quickly provoke movements against the singer.

But Michel Sardou, proud of his opinions, plays the provocateur in front of his detractors and does not yield to any pressure. To show his determination and his insolence, the artist will even embark on a tour in Belgium, in 1970, which could have turned into a drama. Indeed, as Soir Mag specifies, while he is on stage, the husband of Anne-Marie Périer finds himself facing a crowd movement, led by his opponents, ” He is greeted with insults and cheers against his person and his songs “. Kept outside the concert hall by the police, Michel Sardou is about to go on stage, before discovering the presence of a ” homemade bomb in the boiler room.” It was then that “Sardou gets scared and realizes the animosity he provokes ” and that from that moment on he will be less provocative, with a different tone for his compositions.

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