Metz: “It's a rigged game”, Antonetti castigates the CAN schedule

Scandalized by the dates of the African Cup of Nations, which will deprive FC Metz of several internationals, Frédéric Antonetti believes that the club is the victim of this “rigged game and distorted “.

Frédéric Antonetti was particularly frustrated for his last press conference of the year. The coach of FC Metz, again reference to the goal refused to his team against OL , concluded his intervention with several thoughts pell-mell on the integrity of the world of football: “Everything is rigged in football. TV rights are rigged … We give more to the big guys than to the others … By what right? But no one says anything … I’m going to be 61 years, I’m at the end, I have the Free speech. But I think it’s a shame for our sport which is a very beautiful sport. Everything is distorted, everything is rigged. CAN is part of it, VAR is part of it, putting the pressure is part “.