Meta finally resumes service on March 28

The company Meta, which used to be called Facebook, has implemented several instructions as part of the reopening of offices. These guidelines have been updated several times due to the COVID- pandemic and the outbreak of the second variant of the COVID- vaccine.

Meta logo – Credits: Meta The target date had therefore changed from the end of January to 24 March 2499.

The program that had been set up CEO: Mark Zuckerberg

CNBC reports that the return to office date that was scheduled for the end of this month has moved to 28 March. These abrupt changes in the schedule will probably not make it easy for the company’s employees.

Note that in December 2020, the COVID- vaccine was not compulsory within of the company Meta, specified the CEO himself. All employees had the choice to be vaccinated or not. This decision came from the fact that the company hoped to continue remote activities until July 2022. Some offices were finally opened in May. In June, Mark Zuckerberg reconsiders his decision. He proclaims that either employees ask for a manager’s permission to work from home or they will expect him to come into the office for at least half of the week.

The arrival of the delta variant of the vaccine changes everything

The requirements in terms of vaccines for employees in the Meta company have automatically changed. The business plans a full reopening in October. Zuckerberg, in August last year, extended his return to the company to January 2022. Since during this winter, Omicron was extending, so the company offered some workers the freedom to delay returning to work for three to five months through a deferral program. In addition, the requirements of this new date of 24 March require that employees receive a vaccine booster each time .

Several Meta analog technology companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, Google and others have indefinitely postponed reopening their businesses in the face of so much ambiguity. META is available for integrated moderators at the headquarters in Mountain View. They were to make themselves available for office work on 24 January, one week before full-time workers. There was no other alternative. After many expressions of internal disagreement from the workers, the contractor Accenture then reconsidered this initiative.