Mercato: the Catalan press announces an agreement between Barça and Dembélé for an extension

According to the Spanish media Sport, Ousmane Dembélé should extend to Barça for five years next week, after long negotiations. The striker would have also agreed to lower his salary.

According to the Spanish media Sport , Ousmane Dembélé should extend his contract with Barça next week. The French international (27 sel.) Would extend for five years, accepting a pay cut which would allow the club to reduce its payroll and to be able to recruit other players.

Still according to Sport , this extension would mainly come from Ousmane Dembélé (24 years), his entourage being more favorable to a new adventure abroad. But the attacker would have been convinced by Xavi’s project.

A file open for weeks

In the ranks of Barça, the Dembélé file has been open for many weeks and was starting to become urgent. Because the Frenchman is under contract until next June and will be free to negotiate with the club of his choice from January 1. Its agent, Moussa Sissoko, seemed to be playing time to reach this fateful date and thus benefit from greater leverage in the negotiations, with the entry into the running of other major competitors. A strategy that would have annoyed Barça a lot.

For his part, Xavi had shown himself confident : “I’m positive, he wants to continue. I can’t say more because we have to reach an agreement with his agent. But he knows how important he will be if he stays with us. He is playing more and more, he may be missing a goal but he is a player who brings us a lot, who is able to make the differences. I hope he will extend it. ” End of the suspense in a few days?