Mercato: PSG also wants to degrease among young people

With a very professional staff, PSG focuses its winter transfer window on a degreasing. But the pros aren’t the only ones affected. According to our information, the Ligue 1 leader is also trying to find solutions for many young people who lack playing time.

In view of the many experienced players present at the PSG, it is often difficult to get a place in the rotation. If Edouard Michut and Xavi Simons are starting to grab playing time, especially in the Coupe de France, other talents at the training center are chomping at the bit and not playing.

According to information of RMC Sport, the leaders are trying to find solutions to resolve this concern. The main concerned being the players of generations 2001 and 2002 who can no longer evolve with those under 19 years old. This is the case of Alexandre Fressange (attacker / 2001), Teddy Alloh (left side / 2002), Massinissa Oufella (midfielder/2001), Tidjany Chabrol (attacking midfielder/2001) and Anfane Ahamada (defensive midfielder/2002). To a lesser extent, the converted right-back midfielder Nathan Bitumazala (2002) is concerned.

Unlike his teammates, the latter still trains with Mauricio Pochettino’s group. The 19 year-old player even had the chance to take his first steps in Ligue 1, with minutes played in the 4-0 victory against Clermont.

What about the generations 2003 and 2004?

The capital club would also like to be able to lend young people from the generation 2003 like Samuel Noireau-Dauriat. Professional since last summer, he has a few touches in Europe. The attacking midfielder is discussing with PSG a temporary transfer until next June.

Two elements born in 2002 could also change of scenery. In particular Lenny Manisa (central defender) and Jordan Monteiro (left side), both arrived in post-training. The French and the Franco-Portuguese do not play much with the group of the coach of the U19 Zoumana Camara.