Mercato: appeals, suspended sanction … how will it be for OM and Gueye, punished by Fifa

The appeals presented before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) by OM and by Pape Gueye will relate to the merits of the sanction imposed on the player and his club, but will also seek to obtain a suspensive effect of the sanction.

One year ban on recruitment. The decision is heavy for Olympique de Marseille, which is paying the consequences of the dispute with the English club Watford around the transfer of Pape Gueye, his midfielder. Senegalese field, recruited in .

The procedure was opened in February 2021 by Watford, with which Gueye had signed up before resigning and joining the French club. The player, who is currently with Senegal at the African Cup of Nations, has for his part been suspended for four months from all official competitions, with OM, as with his selection.

Two separate procedures

OM will appeal and Gueye has already appealed the sanctions before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), but this appeal is not suspensive. The procedure aims to challenge the sanction on the merits. But a request has also been filed to suspend the sanction pending the judgment on appeal, which would allow the player to be aligned on the various match sheets (with his club and with the Senegal team, with whom he was retained for the CAN), the time of the procedure. A first response should be obtained on Tuesday concerning the suspension of the sanction pronounced against Pape Gueye.

Note that Watford is not completely satisfied with this decision. The English club believes that the potential shortfall is greater than the fine that Marseille must pay Watford, namely 2.5 million euros.

If the penalty was confirmed by the CAS, it would mean for OM the inability to act during two consecutive transfer windows. However, with its fragile finances, Marseille is counting on the transfer window both to strengthen its workforce and to improve its accounts. The club is currently under the supervision of the DNCG, the body responsible for verifying the accounts of French clubs, which confirmed in November the supervision of its payroll.